Thursday, 13 March 2014

I've just been to the doctor

I've just taken myself to the doctor to assess the state of my health now I've spent two months, 12 days and what feels like thousands of long tedious hours without drinking.

Proof not every photograph livens up a blog post
Given the main reason I gave up drinking was to be more productive, the fact its taken me two months to go for a check up speaks volumes. Sobriety has not made me more productive, it has not made me feel better, and I haven't saved any money. In fact I got so bored I bought a new computer, so it's actually costing me money. This two month tardiness has also made a complete mess of my original plans to do a revelatory before/after analysis of my liver function, blood glucose, skin condition etc.

The doctor patiently listened to me explain what I was doing. His view was more that as I have never exhibited any obvious sign of ill-health through drinking (other than the usual crashing hangovers and memory loss), then the only meaningful check worth carrying out was a blood test. Any long term damage caused by a quarter of a century of drinking would show up in that. The fact I've been dry for nine weeks would make next to no difference.

It's a sign!
This is comforting to a point. The reason I don't feel any better or healthier for not drinking in the short term is probably because I wasn't drinking the sorts of quantities of booze likely to cause short, or mid-term problems. If I was, I would have suffered the effects of ill health.

If I've been building up long term problems, well, I'll find out next week.

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