Monday, 16 June 2014

Fathers' Day

Usually I get a bottle of single malt for Fathers’ Day. This year, for obvious reasons, I requested something different.

I got a maraca which doubles as a three-tone whistle (a step change in samba-oriented audio technology), some surf shorts to replace the pair I bought in Australia ten years ago and three lovely cards.

The above was my six year old daughter’s effort. A picture of a bottle of whisky, with a “For You” tag attached and crossed out. The “PS Do not touch” was added just to make sure.

It was bettered only by the envelope it came in.

“To Daddy”, it said “The 2nd Best!”

Me: “Who’s the best, then?”
Abi: “I am, of course.”

Fathers’ Day itself was fun, involving a family bike ride and picnic with a bbq on our return.

When it was all over with the kids in bed, I settled down with Mrs Wallis to watch the football. 

Normally I would have a beer. This time - ice cream.