Monday, 27 January 2014

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Photo by Nick Wallis
Mmm… booze.
As well as betting against my ability to stay dry, you can now receive semi-regular insights into the existential disintegration which is already establishing itself as the defining characteristic of this challenge.

That's right, either by clicking here, or if you are looking at this on a proper computer, by entering your email into the box here ---------------------------------------------------------->
(the one that says "Get new posts by email" - that's it, just underneath the legend "Enter your email address" - well done), you can get information on how miserable I'm feeling without a drink, how I'm regretting signing up for the long haul and how much money it's going to cost me if I do have a drink.

Terrifyingly, the last blog post prompted donations of £155, which means we are now at £225 in total. For reasons explained on the donations page, that means any drink I have in 2014 will now cost me at least £450, something which makes the glass of wine in the picture above significantly less tempting. That and the fact it's 10.35am on a Monday morning.

So go on. Why not? Sign up to receiving regular email updates via email to your email inbox. Use it as an aide memoire to donate, or track the effects of your donation as this exercise in abstinence builds towards its calendrical climax, or just use it to receive hopefully diverting but essentially pointless missives about a challenge which can actually be achieved by sitting and doing nothing other than writing essentially pointless missives.

Go on. Go on. I imagine it's reasonably easy to unsubscribe. Go on! Go on...


It's okay.

It's all over now.

Thank you.


PS I'd like to promise your email address won't be used for other purposes but as this blog and FeedBurner are both powered by google they're probably flogging it to the NSA the moment you type it in. I won't do anything with it, if that's any comfort.

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