Monday, 18 August 2014

Completely random kindness

Recently, an article about the dangers of alcohol appeared The Independent and was syndicated to the Times of India.

It was written by Dr Nick Knight, a man I have never met.

An gentleman called Jasmit Chadha in Dubai read this article in the Times of India, and was so taken by its content, he felt moved to find out more about its author.

Jasmit Chadha. What a nice man.
I'm guessing he chose to Google “Nick” and “alcohol", because he ended up on this blog. Putting two and two together and getting at least seven, Jasmit not only decided to send me a complimentary tweet, but also made a donation to the charities I am supporting, saying 

I read ur article on Times of India and it was brilliant! then i stumbled upon the interview. P.S: My dad was a chronic alcoholic. This is for Him :)

Whilst thanking Jasmit for his donation, I politely pointed out that I was not the author of the piece that inspired him to make the donation.

I am pleased to report he was happy to make the donation anyway. 

If you are a random stranger who has landed on this blog by accident and feel moved to part with your money, particularly if you think I am someone completely different - please click here. I promise you your money will go to four very fine causes.

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