Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Free writing for cash

Buried away at the bottom of my last blog post was an offer to write you a minimum of 400 words on any subject that took your fancy in exchange for a donation to the four charities I am supporting in my quest to stay sober throughout 2014.

Since that post (just over 3 days ago) I have received six donations totalling £325.

Which made me thing there might be something in this. So here is the offer again with a blog post all of its very own:

I propose to add further value to the potential double-cashback guarantee of this endeavour and warm fuzzy feeling you get from doing a Donating to Worthy Causes by offering to type you some sentences in exchange for money.

To commission me to write a (minimum) 400-word blog post on a subject of your choosing, all you have to do is make a donation here and communicate your subject matter to me in as much detail as seems relevant.

It can be alcohol-related or non-alcohol-related. It can be serious or frivolous. It can be a pet subject, or it could be the first thought that pops into that pretty little head of yours.

Or I could write you something for someone else. After all, Valentine's Day is just round the corner, and people are having birthdays, like, every day.

So if you want a filthy love poem or an in-depth treatise on the macroeconomic policies of the Balkan states, chuck some money in the online tin, and advance your commission.

These are the only rules:

I interpret your commission as I see fit.
Every commission gets posted on this blog (though if you want you can keep your name out of it).

Okay? Go for it!


Commissions so far:

1) Motivation
2) Brave and Handsome
3) Nepalese Frog Worship

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