Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Thought crime

Update: think I've found the solution.

I had a dream. I was with a producer and a cameraman at an airport and we were all very tired after a long day. My colleagues wanted to eat - I wanted to watch the winter Olympics on the TV in the bar, so I bought a round of drinks and went to sit at a table on my own with a good view of the telly.

As I settled in to watch the snowboarding, finally relaxing after the stress of a hectic shoot, I realised I had a partially drunk pint of bitter in my hand.


My reactions were, in this order:

1) Oh no! I've broken my pledge!
2) Oh **** this drink is going to cost me upwards of £500. ****! What was I thinking?!
3) Wait a minute… I might be able to get away with this…

                                                                          … how will anyone ever know…?
4) But then my colleagues must have seen me with the pint when I brought their drinks over.
5) Or did they?
6) Oh, hang on a minute, this isn't actually real, is it?

Then I woke up.

So there you go. My subconscious' first thought is to cover up and dissemble.

I am very disappointed with myself.


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