Monday, 29 January 2018

Vegan Dry-ish January Day 29: Can't see what all the fuss is about

Drinks. I've had a few, but then again...
Dry January can do one, or at least did one this weekend as the prospect of two early football-related starts and the commitment I made to "fix" (rebuild) my son's Lego millennium falcon stretched bleakly across Saturday and Sunday.

Using the power of fermented grape juice I stayed up late to watch Graham Norton on Friday night, and then, on Saturday afternoon, I got to work on the Falcon. At 6pm, flushed with a sense of what little time I have left on earth slipping through my fingers like sand achievement I opened another bottle of wine whilst cooking dinner. It was great. I felt all boozy and nice. Mrs Wallis and I put the kids to bed and watched Lion together, which is a Good Movie.

The vegan side of things is holding up rather better. I will take a lot of what I'm doing now with me into the rest of 2018. Thankfully Quorn appears to be going vegan (a lot of the fresh stuff contains egg-white and milk, which seems counter-intuitive). Some of its frozen offerings, including fishless fingers, spicy burgers and stir fry strips are all vegan.

I will continue to eat as much of a plant-based diet as I can without becoming a pain in the neck to everyone around me. That means eating vegetarian or meat if the occasion requires. I could quite happily stay vegan, though I will miss tea. As in, a nice cup of tea with cows' milk. None of the milk-substitutes come close, and I'm not yet ready to drink black tea.

In other news, two years ago I wrote a piece on this blog in the style of a Daily Mash article about Dry January. This year the Daily Mash wrote a piece about Dry January, also, funnily enough, in the style of the Daily Mash.

Do have a look at them both. I'm going to ask for a job.

Vegan Vlog is below (or here on youtube), then tale of the tape and archive.

Weight: 11st 4.6lb

Exercise: 10 mins cycling. 30 mins walk.


Paleo bar, hike bar, apple, satsuma, 125g salted cashews.
itsu vegan gyoza udon.
That vegan coconut itsu chocolate thing.


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