Thursday, 4 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 4: Milk is everywhere

Today's care package
My first day without almond milk, which is a start. I'll finish off the sweetened stuff tomorrow, but I still have some of the unsweetened muck to go. I received a tweet from a Criminals: Caught on Camera fan who works in an almond processing plant in California in the light of my last blog post so I will be careful what I say.

It was my third 5am start on the bounce this morning. I know I used to get up at 3.45am five days a week, but I was usually done by 11am. This last few days I've been putting in the hard yards, culminating in a day covering the row about rough sleepers in Windsor for ITV News.

This was initially powered by another Christmas Pudding Hike bar. I was working all day with top ITV cameraman Marc Smith today and he joined me for a 10.30am lunch at a cafe in Windsor after two hours pounding the pavements.

There was a felafel salad in the cafe fridge which was vegan but I was cold, so we had baked potato with beans (no butter) and shared a packet of Tyrell's crisps which didn't contain milk (or whey powder). The first few I picked up did. But this one didn't. Vegan-tastic. The owner of the cafe was great. He had a brief period of homelessness before managing to sort himself out and ended up running a business which can still make a healthy profit despite having to hand over tens of thousands in rent and business rates to pay for his prime position near Windsor Castle. He was a thoughtful, caring man and his equilibrium remained totally intact even when Marc tipped a full cup of boiling hot coffee all over his counter.

Marc and I shared my Paleo Macadamia and Coconut bar on our way to interview the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner in Newbury. Whilst in the car I got a call from "getsurrey" re my contribution to their film and article about veganuary. I will record it tomorrow if I get a chance. The head of Surrey Vegans has also added me to her secret list, which is very exciting.

At Newbury station I was hungry, but everything I thought I might be able to eat at the station cafe had some kind of milk extract in it, so I got home on a soy americano and diet coke. Dinner was an itsu pot noodle and more Montezuma chocolate.

Oh and I have gone from 11st 12lb to 11st 8lb in four days. They aren't very reliable scales, though.

Day 4 of the vlog version of this blog is below.


Weight: 11st 8lb

Exercise: 10 mins cycling (and a lot of walking around Windsor)


Christmas Pudding Hike bar
Half a Paleo Macadamia bar
Granny Smith Apple
Baked potato, beans, lettuce, brown sauce
2 x soy americano
itsu vegetarian pot noodle
Handful of grapes
Montezuma cherry chocolate


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