Thursday, 25 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 25: Simon Amstell is a Vegan

Simon Amstell. Photo BBC/Pete Dadds
... and so is Michael Fish. Actually he's not, probably, but Simon Amstell is definitely a veganista and I listened to him being Simon Amstell on Adam Buxton's (superb) podcast the other day and thought "I really ought to watch his comedy vegan documentary Carnage, oughtn't I? Especially as I find Simon Amstell funny, and I'm veganuarying myself aren't I? So I should." So I did.

Carnage is very funny. It's set in 2067 (when, if I'm lucky, I'll be 83). In this vision of the future everyone lives on a plant-based diet, and animals have the same rights as humans. Following this logic, eating an animal is considered a crime similar to that of cannibalism - utterly taboo. The film deals with the guilt older characters feel about condoning mass murder and committing cannibalism themselves, and tells the cultural history (via popular television programmes (including the One Show), performance art and musical theatre) of how these things came to pass. It's very entertaining. Even the graphic scenes of (actual) slaughter aren't misplaced. They just remind you of the point being made.

Simon's running commentary (especially when taking the piss out of TV chefs) is typically droll.  Watch it (here) if you have a moment. It's only an hour long.

I'm now steeling myself to watch Cowspiracy which two people have mentioned recently. One was a meat-eater who went vegetarian after watching it, the other was a vegetarian who went vegan. It's probably quite powerful.

On the food front I cooked my second vegan meal of the month last Saturday. Well, some of it. My brother was over for the weekend so I put together a meaty bolognese for his and my kids and a red lentil curry for us. When he found out the lentil curry was for him too, I think he was a little disappointed, but by the time he'd had his fill of that, the bombay potato, pilau rice, poppadums, dips, chapati and naan, he was being very complimentary.

Other than that I've been living off the usual energy bars, fruit, nuts, carrots, houmous and bread, which I don't mind at all, really. I've lost a decent amount of weight, too.

Today's Vegan Vlog is filmed using my new selfie stick, which is fine as it gives a better shot, but I should have plugged the microphone in. Watch it below, or here on youtube. Tale of the tape, then archive below.


Weight: 11st 4lb

Exercise: 1hr 20mins walking

Trek flapjack, Paleo bar, satsuma, banana, peanuts and sultanas, soy americano.
Three large slices of home-made granary bread, lots of Pure spread and marmite.

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