Monday, 15 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 15: A relapse

Saturday: Walton Casuals FC 4-0 Ashford United FC.
Well it had to happen, didn't it? I was hosting a little pizza party for my boy after the football (see photo above). A couple of dads were in attendance, I had no more admin left after 13 days of being sober, and I had nothing to do on Sunday other than referee an U7 football match, attend a football match (see photo below) and watch Match of the Day. So I thought, "why not?"

Bad me. I didn't really enjoy the drinks (or their effects), and felt particularly ill when I woke up the next morning. So much for willpower.

I spent most of Sunday eating, too, so now I am back to my pre-Dry January weight. I know I can't have put on 5lb in the course of 3 days, but I certainly haven't lost it. I stayed vegan (I can thoroughly recommend the Tesco Wicked vegan Caponata Sourdough pizza), but managed to eat most of a catering packet of spicy Indian mix, which may have sorted out my hangover, but didn't do much else for the metabolism.
Sunday: Chelsea Ladies FC 0-1 Manchester City WFC

Hopefully I'll get back on track this week. Yesterday's dinner was a triumph - orange pepper stuffed with a weird packet of sludgy vegan lentils which I supplemented with a tin of chopped plum tomatoes and put in the oven for an hour).

Today also started well with a Hike bar and a vegan curry at a motorway service station. And no alcohol. Yet.

In other news, "getsurrey" have written an article about Surrey Vegans featuring a video contribution I sent them via smartphone. You can watch it here. You can watch my video confessional about my alcohol relapse below or on youtube here. And then at the bottom of this post, the tale of the tape.

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Weight: 11st 10lb

Exercise: An hour of walking. None all weekend.

Food (today):

Hike bar.
Lovely vegan curry from a motorway service station.
Soy Americano.
The lentil sludge I had yesterday, but this time on a baked potato with Pure olive spread.
Mint chocolate.

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  1. Love your blog Nick .. sorry that you fell off but makes you all so real!!! I have always vowed to try this type of "giving up thing" in February ... it's the shortest month ... but guess what never ever started!!!

  2. Thanks Tracey. Give it a go this Feb!