Thursday, 18 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 18: Are you a vegan?

A surprise sweet.
Lunch - 900 calories worth of cashew nuts in one bijou 150g packet - was consumed at 10.30am today. I was already feeling giddy by 3pm so after cutting a piece on the snowy/windy weather for the  ITV Lunchtime News I struck out for vegan food somewhere close to Gray's Inn Road.

I found a place called Tossed where a nice lady walked me through the food ordering process which involved hunting for the menu on an iPad. When I discovered they didn't do noodles I withdrew politely and cut through Gray's Inn to Bedford Row, where they have an itsu.

The very nice lady at itsu offered me a free flatbread with my veggie udon noodles. I said:

"Is it vegan?"

She said "Are you a vegan?"

I thought about trying to explain whether or not I was vegan, but instead said "Yes."

The lady looked sad that she could no longer give me the gift of flatbread, so instead related her experiments with veganism, which seemed to founder on a love of meat. I mumbled something polite about milk being quite hard to find a substitute for, but really I wanted to eat my veggie udon noodles in peace, having had quite a stressful day.

I sat alone in itsu with my noodles, drinking a diet coke and staring out of the window.

As I slowly decompressed and started to feel a bit better, the nice smiley lady came over and handed me a "coconut crush" (see photo above) as a flatbread gift substitute.

"It's vegan!" she said, triumphantly. I thanked her profusely and put the coconut crush in my pocket.

I know itsu was founded by the people who founded Pret (it says so on their trays) and Pret had a policy of allowing staff to give customers free stuff on a whim. It seems the same policy exists at itsu.

Well, I hope it does, or I've just outed a staff member for stealing stock.

Vegan Vlog post below (or here on youtube if you can't see the embed). Tale of the tape below that, then the archive. I'm now going to bed. I have another early tomorrow. And then I'm going to watch Stewart Lee be funny at the Leicester Square theatre.


Weight: 11st 5.4lb

Exercise: 10 mins cycling, 40 mins walking


Apple, banana, trek bar
Bag of cashews
itsu veggie udon noodles and a coconut crush
Handful of shreddies.


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