Sunday, 7 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 7: Separation anxiety

Grim offerings, for different reasons.
Having finished the almond milk on Day 5, I started on the unsweetened soya milk yesterday morning and found it separated in both instant and ground coffee, but survived tea. It tasted okay. This morning I had the soya milk in my shreddies and put the oatly in my coffee. The oatly separated, but not as much. Same with tea. It also tasted okay. I am now having more black tea and coffee and things like jasmine green tea, in order to avoid the coffee/tea/not-milk jeopardy/rigamarole altogether.

Lunch was leftover spaghetti and tomato, preceded by tomato, red rice and quinoa soup from Covent Garden. Why has Covent Garden soup taken to putting a plastic screw-top in its paper cartons? It means they're no longer recommended for use in the microwave, and they now have a lump of sea-float sitting on top of their previously worthy waxy paper cartons. They're probably reacting to feedback from people who find opening elo-pak cartons too difficult or confusing, but it does seem a self-defeating move.

I shouldn't be moaning on here. I have created a separate, safe space to moan elsewhere. This is my first 50 Micro-Irritations, collated before Christmas and recorded last week. It still needs work (the next one will not have those black bars on the side and will have better sound), but I like it and I'm already half way through collating my next bunch. The stupid new plastic openings on Covent Garden soup cartons is in. As are vegan bloody milks which separate on contact with hot liquids.

Day 7 vlog post below.
Weight: 11st 8.8lb

Excercise: 40 mins cardio in the gym


Bowl of shreddies with soy milk.
Bowl of oat cheerios with sugar and soy milk.
Tomato, red rice and quinoa Covent Garden Soup
Small bowl of pasta and tomato.
Carrots and houmous (several kg today)
Crisps, baby tomatoes.


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