Monday, 8 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 8: Smeared poo

Total daily salt recommendation in one convenient packet.
In an attempt to get this blog on track I'm publishing today's post earlier than usual. You'd presumably much rather have the opportunity to read about Day 8 of Vegan Dry January on Day 8, rather than the day after.

I also had a crack and doing a better quality vlog (in terms of sound and framing, if not content), which you can see here, or below.

Today's big news comes courtesy of ace journalist and former Surrey Life editor Caroline Harrap who noted on facebook that Tesco had heard my request for a vegan ready meal supplier and promptly launched a new range of vegan ready meals.

Photo: Tesco
Whilst I'm not exactly taken on the "smeared poo" element of the ready-meal packaging, this could represent a big leap forward in the normalisation of vegan eating.

Photo: Tesco
It also means idiots like me, who don't have time to cook and only retain a tangential interest in veganism, can easily access convenient vegan food.

Photo: Tesco
There are vegan wraps and sandwiches available too, in which the poo smear is less obvious.

If you want to read all about it - here's the Wicked Healthy brand website.

Whatever you think of Tesco, this could lead to more people eating a plant-based diet, and plant-based foods making up a larger part of "omni" diets. I suspect the other UK supermarkets will be watching the sales of this stuff very closely. If it holds up or takes off, they will be rushing out their own ranges quicker than you can say quinoa bean curry, because what's being offered here could divert people away from other supermarkets.

I wonder if it tastes any good...?

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Weight: 11st 8.8lb

Exercise: 40 mins circuit training, 40 mins cycling


Shreddies, cornflakes, oatly and soya milk all in the same bowl. Complex.
Hike Christmas Pudding bar (basically food find of the year - I'm going to buy Aldi out before they stop stocking them)
Paleo Macadamia and coconut bar.
Apple and satsuma.
75g mixed, salted, festive nuts.


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