Friday, 12 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 12: There was no Day 11

Weekend plans.
I'm home alone with James (6) over the weekend. On learning this was going to happen he wrote the above list of things to do whilst I was at work. They are:

1. me and dad have the best party ever.
2. we go to football
3. make lots of lego
4. play a game


Yesterday was so bonkers I didn't have time for a vlog or a blog, which is a shame as I ate like a champion, worked like a dog and was in bed before 8pm. That's living.

Not drinking means all the boring stuff I could usually put off forever gets done. Although I have found I would rather clean the whole house than write invoices. I've also started pursuing a story I let lie for a while last year, though that might be because I met a useful contact last week.

On the food front, the vegan ready-meals have been great. I now have weekday routine - energy bars and fruit in the morning, nuts for lunch and a vegan ready meal for dinner.

Last night I had a proper feast. Crisps and salsa, followed by vegetarian samosa, vegan chickpea curry ready meal, then raspberry sorbet with grated organic chocolate on top.

I could quite happily be a vegan, and whilst I'm not going out and not drinking, it's easier not to eat animal (by-)products.

If/when I reach a point where it's easier to be vegan than it is to be omnivorous or vegetarian, I'll do it. Whilst it's not, I won't.

On the health front the weight certainly appears to be sloughing off. This morning I weighed 11st 5.6lb, which means if you believe the 11st 12lb my scales reported on 2nd Jan, is just under half a stone in 10 days. If I manage another 5lb before the end of the month, I'll be happy.

Today's vlog is below (and here, if you can't see it), below that, the tale of the tape.

Weight: 11st 5lb

Exercise: 5 mins cycling


Hike and Raw bars, apple, banana and satsuma
Tesco Wicked beans and mash
Jamie Oliver's vegan bean chilli with rice
Crisps and salsa
Carrots and Houmous
Two soy americanos


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