Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 3: I've lost my nuts

It's been another long day. Yesterday's train journey into Waterloo was nearly deserted, today it seemed very busy, even on the 0555. Before I left the house this morning I had a bowl of Malted Wheaties (Shreddies, basically) and chilled (this time), sweetened almond milk. I saw somewhere that vegans have to watch their Vitamin B12 levels and Malted Wheaties, like most cereals, have them added.

My mid-morning snack was an Aldi Raw Pecan bar, which wasn't as nice as yesterday's Aldi Raw Macadamia bar, and an Aldi Hike Christmas Pudding bar, which was amazing and twice as nice as my usual Aldi Hike Cacao bar. And then I had a Granny Smith apple which was just the same as yesterday's Granny Smith apple. Oh and my first black coffee for a while from the ITN machine, which was good.

I pulled together a package for the lunchtime news, working with ace new ITV news picture editor Danae in edit cave 31 (Danae did some waving in the dark in this vlog here). I think she is actually half my age.

Then, thanks to a journalist friend of mine, the head of Surrey Vegans (like the Masons but more jolly) called me up and discussed me being a case study in an article about long term and temporary veganuary vegans by the Surrey Advertiser, or "getsurrrey" as it now appears to be known. I am at pains to point out to all the lovely vegans that I am doing this as a challenge, not as a permanent lifestyle change, yet they remain enthusiastic and helpful despite knowing I am, at heart, a horrible meat eater.

This afternoon I got sent out on a live story for ITV London in Harrow. When this was being mooted I was half way through eating an Aldi bag of sultanas and unsalted nuts (because I couldn't be bothered to go foraging for my lunch).

After researching the story for a while I ended up running late, and rather than go downstairs and get into my under-thermals in the changing room in the basement I thought I'd save time by nipping into the disabled loo. I absent-mindedly brought my nuts into the disabled loo with me, and then absent-mindedly left them there, along with the IKEA plastic clip I had used to close my half-finished bag. I suppose it will make a nice present for whoever next uses the disabled loo.

I might attempt a meal when I get home. But I have to go to bed soon. UPDATE: I made a meal (see below)

Here is the vlog version of this blog post - cruising the Westway with Canvey Island's meat-eating Joe Mander:

Weight: 11st 10lb

Exercise: 2 mile walk, 10 minute cycle

100g malted wheaties
Yet more bloody almond milk

Day grazing
Raw pecan bar - average
Hike Christmas Pudding bar - ace
Granny Smith apple - mm, crunchy...
Half a 450g pack of sultanas and nuts

Some Aldi crispy naan snacks
Packet of Quorn lemon and lime chicken fillet style snacks (not vegan, I now discover).
Pepper and brussel sprout stir fry in soya and hot chilli sauce with rice noodles.
More Montezuma chocolate.

Burp (!)....


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