Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 17: Mmm... cashews...

Instant black coffee in a plastic cup. What a time to be alive.
Much as I love getting my work on the lunchtime news, the programme itself happens to fall, rather inconveniently, at lunchtime. You can either eat at around 11.30am and then spend the next two hours focused on getting your piece done, or try to hang on until after the programme, which means staggering out into the street in search of food with your blood sugar levels screeching in pain behind you on the pavement.

After several experiences of the latter, nowadays I choose the former, which meant that at 11.30am today I ate 750 calories worth of roasted, salted cashew nuts at my desk. Mmm... protein... mmm... lunch. Of course, the downsides to eating a meal 11.30am are well known. You end up eating again at around 4pm and might well have your fourth meal of the day in the evening. We'll see what happens today. Ooh the jeopardy.

In other news, after my experiences with the evil that is almond milk, I am finally becoming partial to milk substitute. Having spent the first seventeen days of this month slurping soy americanos at various chain outlets, I can confirm they are survivably pleasant. I'm also drinking tea and coffee at home with various soy/oat milk iterations and I've had enjoyable bowls of porridge and cereal made with the same. For convenience I am also getting back into black coffee and various bags of stuff which create flavoured hot water. The coffee you see in the photo above is black because we don't have soy milk at work. It's also instant because the coffee machine at work is broken. I know.

Have a look at today's exciting vegan vlog here on youtube or embedded below, although to be honest in it I just repeat what I wrote here. And please do sign up for regular updates via email, by putting your email address into the box. And like the vlog. And subscribe to that, if you fancy it. I mean, these updates are only going to get more thrilling as I run out of things to say, aren't they?


Weight: 11st 6.8lb

Exercise: 10 mins cycling, 70 mins walking


Apple, orange, banana
125g back of roasted, salted cashews
Soy americano
M&S felafel wrap
Wasabi nuts
Spice mix


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