Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Vegan Dry January Day 2: Well this is going well

Posh pot noodle
Ah the joys... Well, first thing to say is that I woke up this morning with a very vague idea of what I was, who I was and why my alarm was ringing at 5am. I think it took me a full five minutes to remember.  That's what staying off the booze does to you, kids.

By the time I got up, I was running late. I managed to stuff my bag with an apple, a packet of sultanas and unsalted nuts, an Aldi "Hike" protein bar, an Aldi (other supermarkets are available) Raw bar, and then ran out of the door.

I got the 0555 to Waterloo and had the carriage to myself, so I knocked off a vlog which was mainly me being aghast at how much I now weigh and wondering where everyone was. 

Breakfast involved the Hike bar, the apple and some water, but I was soon out covering a story for ITV News this morning - an 8am interview on the rail fare increase.

In between interviewing the General Secretary of the RMT and the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, I went to buy me and ace cameraman Marc Smith a coffee from Pret. He wanted a cappuccino. I got a soy Americano. After yesterday's almond milk disaster I didn't feel optimistic. But it was okay. 

Me actually enjoying a soy Americano

I finished my newsgathering commitments at King's Cross then switched stories to cover the Public Health England advice on healthy eating for children. We found a newsagent willing to let me film a piece to camera in his shop. Then I was sent to edit in Millbank. It was the lead story on ITV Lunchtime News and my favourite element was the two mums at a soft play who dismissed the whole 2 x 100 calorie snacks a day idea out of hand.

Lunch was the vegan noodle option at itsu washed down with a diet coke (see top pic). Once home I didn't really fancy dinner so I had two corn cakes and an almond milk instant coffee, which was worse than yesterday's tea. 

Right now I don't feel hungry. I feel ready for day three, which is rapidly approaching.

My profound thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment on this experiment, either with advice, encouragement or bemusement. I'm also very interested to hear what other people are up to for January, 2018 in general or have been quietly doing all along without feeling the need to go on social media and be all attention-seeking about it, like me.

Thanks to:

Jack and Kim for the recommendation on Oatly instead of almond milk.
Anna for the Koko milk recommendation and Veganuary website tip. 
Anna and Will for the Bosh recommendation.
Gordon for his offer to turn this into a weight loss competition.
Cordelia for the Swedish Glace soya vanilla ice-cream tip.
Mike F for putting me in touch with the editor of Vegan Living Mag.
Janey Saunders for adding me to a Vegan supermarket tips group
and finally Marnie for the invitation to the all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ in York for when this is all over.

Good luck to Myfanwy Bournon, Alex Barnett and Tom Greenard who are all being abstemious to varying degrees and a special props to old friend Claire Berliner who is going for a full six months off the sauce. What fun we are all having.


Weight: 11st 12lb (ouch!)

Exercise: 2 mile walk, 10 mins cycling.


Aldi Cacoa Hike bar
Alid Raw Macadamia and Coconut bar
Fruit tea
Granny Smith apple 
Americano with soy milk
itsu veggie gyoza with udon noodles
2 x Sainsbury's corn cakes (see, I told you other supermarkets were available)


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